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At Culberson Capital, our carefully crafted questions are designed to prompt deep reflection on the inner workings of your business. Each question is strategically formulated to encourage you to delve into various aspects of your operations, finances, goals, and challenges. By engaging with these questions thoughtfully, you'll gain valuable insights into areas that may require attention, improvement, or strategic planning. If you find yourself wanting to explore these topics further, we invite you to sign up for a free consultation with our experienced team. At Culberson Capital, we're dedicated to helping businesses thrive, and we're here to support you every step of the way. Let's work together to take care of your business's needs and unlock its full potential.

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Pre-Owned Auto Dealerships sALES 
  • What is the sales process? Do we have one? 

  •  How long does it take before customers on the lot are personally greeted? 90 seconds? 5 minutes? 

  •  Are we resulting and tracking each prospect (sold, denied financing, missed appointment, etc)? What happens to the lead from there? 

  •  -Are you having regular sales meetings with group and individual training? 

  •  -Is the sales team unified in reaching a goal each month as a collective team as well as individually? 

  •  -Practice makes perfect: Does the team have regular training sessions to role play scenarios and overcome common objectives? 

  •  -Is the sales team continually motivated through their current compensation plan?

  • How are you lead gathering? 

  • Are we collecting contact info from every single potential customer who steps on the lot and entering their info into the CRM to maintain contact and continue developing unclosed leads?

  • More touch points shows higher customer care and leads to more referrals. What are your Customer Touch Points? 

  • How do you create Personal Call Outreach?  

Custom Scripts For Personalization

Do you have multiple call scripts for:

  • Customer post feedback call

  • Call to ask for referrals 

  • Call old customers to trade in and test drive

  • Call abandon prospects

  • Call to confirm appointments

  • Follow up call after missed appointments

  • Calling after a service 

  • Call or text on holidays

  • Call or direct message every person who interacts with your social media posts 

  • Call or direct message private sellers of vehicles listed on social media 

(they may not be interested in trading their vehicle in, but they just might be in the market for a new vehicle when they sell their listing, and if you can show them something they love before it sells, they just might trade it in after all)

Host Community Events 

Host Community Outreach Events as Lead Magnets: Host events where the goal or focus is not on selling cars, but to draw people out to visit the dealership, provide a positive experience, and collect contact information.

Lead Magnet Ideas
  • Trunk or Treat: Members of your sales team pass out candy, hot chocolate bar, bring in a DJ to play Halloween themed music, pumpkin carving contest, bobbing for apples, etc. 

  • Tailgate Party: Fire up the grill and offer free burgers and dogs, host a cornhole tournament, yard games, possibly a DJ, etc. 

  • Picture Day: Invite families to bring their kids out to the dealership and get their picture taken with their favorite car (use an old school camera for instant Polaroid prints), have sales team there to assist kids with climbing in and out of vehicles and answer questions, collect contact information and get permission to post the photos on the dealership social media accounts.

Technology & AI
  • Are we leveraging the latest AI technology? 

  • Inventory based AI ads targeting customers that are shopping on your competitors websites? 

  • What Technology Tools are You Using? 

When a car shopper is online browsing options, the program uses AI to identify the pattern of what years, makes, models, trim packages, and average price point they are shopping for. The program then uses AI to create a digital ad showing that shopper a similar vehicle that is currently in your inventory and matches their search criteria.

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