business owner self-check questions TAILORED FOR

Reoccurring Home Services 

Such As: Lawn Maintenance, Home Cleaning, Pest Control, etc.

At Culberson Capital, our carefully crafted questions are designed to prompt deep reflection on the inner workings of your business. Each question is strategically formulated to encourage you to delve into various aspects of your operations, finances, goals, and challenges. By engaging with these questions thoughtfully, you'll gain valuable insights into areas that may require attention, improvement, or strategic planning. If you find yourself wanting to explore these topics further, we invite you to sign up for a free consultation with our experienced team. At Culberson Capital, we're dedicated to helping businesses thrive, and we're here to support you every step of the way. Let's work together to take care of your business's needs and unlock its full potential.

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Add clarity to your services, define the winners, the losers, and structure a plan to increase sales and margin.

  • What services do you offer? 

  • Which services produce the most revenue? 

  • Which services are the most profitable (highest margin)? 

  • How many subscription customers did you service last year? 

  • How many do you expect to service this year? 

  • What is the average service or application cost? 

  • How does the average price based on each service you offer? 

  • How are you bundling multiple services into package options for your customers?

  • What payment options do you offer your customers for ongoing services? 

  • What is your business sales plan?

  • Define your customer demographic

  • What does your customer look like? Where do they live? Average home or lawn size? Target neighborhoods? 

  • Are most of them single? Have families? Average age of customer? 

  • Where do they send their kids to school?

  • What are your current lead sources? 

  • Are we categorizing each lead that comes in and recording its source? 

  • Do we know what the average conversion rate is from each lead source? 

  • More importantly, do we know the cost per lead, from each individual source? 

  • How often are we evaluating lead source metrics and adjusting the allocation of our ad spend budget accordingly? 

  • What is the process for inbound leads? 

  • Are we solely waiting for inbound leads or actively going out to capture new leads? 

  • What is the process for engaging and educating leads before they call? 

  • What happens to non-converted leads after the sales call? 

  • Are we continuing to engage with them and keep them in our sales funnel? 

  • What is the system for collecting positive reviews?

  • What is your sales process?

  • Are we using a sales script? What is the script? 

  • What is our average closing rate?

  • What is our average gross sale per lead? 

  • What is the initial sales training and what does ongoing sales development look like? 

  • What is your follow up process? 

  • What is your most common objection? 

  • How confident are you in your team's ability to effectively handle and overcome objections?

  • What is your cancellation rate?

  • Are you tracking individual and team results? 

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