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Restaurant & Bar Industries

At Culberson Capital, our carefully crafted questions are designed to prompt deep reflection on the inner workings of your business. Each question is strategically formulated to encourage you to delve into various aspects of your operations, finances, goals, and challenges. By engaging with these questions thoughtfully, you'll gain valuable insights into areas that may require attention, improvement, or strategic planning. If you find yourself wanting to explore these topics further, we invite you to sign up for a free consultation with our experienced team. At Culberson Capital, we're dedicated to helping businesses thrive, and we're here to support you every step of the way. Let's work together to take care of your business's needs and unlock its full potential.

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Just a Taste
  • What is your menu offering?

  • How many different items are on your menu?

  • What menu items are your top sellers?

  • What items produce the highest margins?

  • What is your average markup per menu item?

  • What is your system or schedule for evaluating and adjusting your menu prices?

Menu: The Goal

The goal here is to create a menu that utilizes ingredients efficiently and profitably. You may be able to subtract some “losers” from your menu and reduce the total number of items you stock. 

Then, we can look at which ingredients are low cost, and explore new menu item offerings that utilize these items.

Looking Deeper at the Menu
  • What menu item(s) do people talk about the most?

  • What craving brings people back again and again?

  • Do you have a signature item?

  • Do you have any “secret recipe/ special sauces” that could be professionally bottled, labeled, and sold for retail prices at your restaurant as well as through other local distribution channels such as local grocers and butcher blocks?

Your Business Area 
  • What other types of restaurants are in your local market?

  • What are the next closest options?

  • What non restaurant attractions or activities are nearby? 

  • Bar/Entertainment Strip? Shopping centers? 

  • Golf courses? Movie theaters? 

  • Neighborhoods/Suburbs? Parks?

Your Business Appeal
  • Why do people come to your restaurant?

  • For the food? The atmosphere? The convenience?

  • What events bring people to your restaurant? Casual dinner? Business lunch? Game day? Birthdays or anniversaries?

  • Do you offer catering services?

Your Business Space
  • What makes your space unique and how can you leverage that to increase sales?

  • Is the bar rail always full and while tables in the dining area are always available?

  • How is your space being utilized?

We want to look to maximize every square foot to utilize the space and increase average revenue via serving more customers or increasing average ticket size Often times, small adjustments to the restaurant floor creates a big difference to the bottom line.

ADVERTISING & Communications 
  • How are you leveraging social media (in addition to word of mouth) to bring awareness to the public and promote new menu items, new brunch special of golf league deals, upcoming events, etc.?

  • Where are you currently advertising? How is your marketing budget being spent? 

  •  How are your customers finding out about you?

  • There is oftentimes a big discrepancy between the two and we need to close the gap.

we are just getting started.

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Outside the Box 
  • Do you have any other forms of revenue being generated outside of the traditional restaurant ordering process?

  • Do you offer catering?

  • Do you have a food truck that goes to local events?

  • Do you host and promote special events? Live music or concerts, pool tournaments, golf league night specials, bike night, anniversary packages, cornhole tournaments, volleyball league, etc.

  • If so, what events have the largest consistent turn outs?

Staffing & Management
  • What is the training process for FOH?

  • What is the training process for BOH?

  • What are your SOP for managing the FOH and BOH to ensure that they are being executed and followed?

  • How are you implementing rules for break times, parameters about what is or is not permissible for staff to take part in while they are on shift vs off shift at the restaurant?

Company Perception & Feedback
  • What is the culture of your company? 

  • Is your restaurant getting the respect it deserves as a business? Or has it become a weld west, or a free for all, for all who work there?

  • What is the review process? 

  • How are you capturing positive feedback from every happy guest that leaves your restaurant or bar?